Blog + Web Design | $250

The Blog + Web Design Consultation includes a comprehensive analysis of your blog's visual identity. Before our consultation, you'll start by receiving a series of questionnaires and worksheets to help you brainstorm and think through your brand's direction. I'll spend some time browsing through your website, taking careful notes of everything that is working and things that could use some updates. During our 2 hour consultation, we'll meticulously go through the answers to your questionnaires, your website and my notes, and you'll have the opportunity to ask any design and strategy-related questions. Together, we'll come up with a feasible game plan and actionable next steps to bring your site to its full potential.


Social Media + Digital Strategy | $250

I have spent that last four+ years working in social media and digital marketing for global brands like Unilever, Marriott Hotels & Resorts, Netflix, and PlayStation. During the Social Media + Digital Strategy Consultation, I'll use that experience to share with you tricks of the trade, professional grade tools, tips, and strategies. You will receive a series of questionnaires, worksheets, and cheatsheets. During our 2 hour consultation, we'll breakdown your current digital strategy, identify clear action points to take your marketing to the next level, and walk through more advanced topics, such as paid media, audience targeting, growing your community, and interpreting analytics.


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